Monday, March 19, 2007

Budgets and Gorilla Heads

The Canadian Federal Budget was announced today. Frankly it was incredibly bland. Nothing that anyone could really get excited about and nothing that anyone could really get upset about. Not that Stephane Dion and Jack Layton haven't managed to be critical. You'd think the Finance Minister had announced he was selling Canada to the United States in exchange for some food stamps. But some people already know they're going to be critical even before the announcements are made. Frankly, I thought the budget was so bland and inoffensive it's a bit embarrassing.

However, we in the Abigail house have bigger worries; gorilla heads. Yup, gorilla heads. Karen read Hannah a book last night in which a singing telegram delivery girl wears a gorilla suit, and Hannah ended up having nightmares about gorilla heads. I ended up awake from 4:30am on. Tonight the plan is for Hannah to sleep in Bethany's room, but half an hour past her bedtime Hannah shows no interest in laying down. We'll see what happens.


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