Friday, March 16, 2007

Welts, Scars and Tears of Laughter

My back is starting to feel better. I spent some time wrestling with each of the children last night. Obviously I was very careful. When it was Bethany's turn, she clawed at my arms as I was trying to tickle her neck. The end result was a lot of scratches on my arms, a couple places where she drew some blood, and a couple of places that might end up as scars. I do have a scar from wrestling about 6 months ago. Still, what are a few scars if it builds some memories.

On the laughter side of things, a guy at work sent out an email saying his email was now working. Why had his email at work stopped when everyone else's was fine? Well a little program he's responsible for went nuts and sent him over 225,000 emails. It took days for IT to get his email account cleared out. Maybe I'm cruel, but when I read this I burst into laughter.


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