Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It Happened While Driving My Car

It happened while I was driving my car. It's a good thing it didn't happen when I was eating because I probably wouldn't be here anymore. If you burst out laughing while eating you tend to choke, and when you choke you tend to die. In any case I was driving, I burst out laughing and I didn't cause any accidents.

What was so funny? The afternoon news of course! Stephane Dion accused the Conservatives of copying the Liberal Party's entire environmental plan. Amusing in and of itself. I guess the Liberals claim the rights to every environmentally positive idea. Providing funding for renewable forms of energy. If the Conservatives offer funds, the Liberal cry "foul" and claim it was their idea. Brilliant, but that's not what made me laugh. What made me laugh was Dion's statement that the Conservatives could copy the Liberal's environmental plan, but they couldn't copy Liberal values. This from the leader of the most pragmatic political party Canada has ever seen. This from the leader of a party that got tossed out of office because of corruption. Stephane, you're right, the Conservatives can't copy Liberal values. And they wouldn't want to.

Later, when I got home, I found out Dion was referring to convictions about social justice. Personally I find this insulting. Conservatives may have different ideas on how to achieve social justice, but to suggest we have no convictions about the matter or don't care is utter rubbish. We recognize that some people need a helping hand, but we balance this against personal responsibility. We believe the government can and should help the weak and needy, but that it is not the government's place to solve every problem. We're glad to pay our fair share (and then some), but we don't want to be taken for granted. We believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. We believe a compassionate capitalist system brings the most economic good to the most people. We believe private enterprise can create far more jobs than any government jobs creation program. We don't believe any nation can tax itself to prosperity. We believe the middle-class needs tax breaks, while the poor need decent paying jobs. And we believe the drive and ambition that allows an entrepreneur to become wealthy is a trait worth emulating, not something to be disparaged. We believe there are different ideas worth learning from, but we don't pretend all ideas are equally valid. We are interested in the contributions new Canadians can make to our Canadian culture, but we're not afraid to declare that Canada already has a distinctive culture of it's own. We believe crime should be punished, that the repentant should be given another chance, and that the innocent should be protected. And we believe nobody is more innocent and needing of protection than an unborn child. In short, we believe in justice and opportunity, but we don't pretend wrong is right, we don't pretend capitalism is evil, and we love our country.


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