Tuesday, January 16, 2007


People are so... interesting. As I was leaving work today I noticed how cold it was. In fact, the wind chill was minus 23 degrees. That's cold. And then a guy walked past me wearing a short leather coat, no hat and no mitts. Outstanding.

went to the supermarket and as I passed the bin for the Kanata food bank I noticed someone had donated a bunch of winter mitts and hats. But the food bank doesn't accept donations of clothing. Outstanding.

The Ontario government has just announced a program for High School drop outs. Under this program they can get high school credits for doing administrative work for the government. The spokesman said these kids just need a chance. Humm.I guess we're all soft hearted and think that there are lots of great kids out there who just need a chance. But I suspect the reality is somewhat different, particularly given the GenX/dropout/slacker culture our society is currently experiencing. Most of the kids had hundreds chances, and blew every one of them. Giving them another chance isn't going to help, particularly if it involves cheapening the value of a High School Diploma and alienating the administrative workers in the Provincial government. Outstanding.

And now for one that really is outstanding. Don't know where it happened, but an older couple was driving in a pickup truck and got caught in one of the blizzards they're having out west. The engine died, the temperature hit minus 40 degrees and they were stuck for days. They survived by putting their tires in the back of the pickup and burning them. The tires provided heat and led searchers to them. They refused to quit, refused to die, and used their ingenuity to stay alive. Well done!


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