Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hot and Colds

The weather is unseasonably warm. Yesterday it hit 8 degrees, and later this week it might hit 10 degrees. No complaints from me though.

We're all battling colds. I dragged myself around work today , but I'd say Bethany is sicker. Karen has been OK until today.

We ordered in Chinese food tonight. Hannah watches me order food, then goes over to her telephone, presses some keys and says, "Hello? Hi. I want some food. OK, bye."

Speaking of Hannah, she put together a 24 piece puzzle in 5 minutes with minimal help from me. About 2 weeks ago, she really couldn't do a puzzle. The idea of taking a piece, moving it around 180 degrees and seeing where it went was really beyond her. And now all of a sudden she's got it. One of the things I enjoy most about being a parent is watching my children learn new things.

And here's another Hannah story. Over the holiday I went to change her diaper. She said, "Daddy, I want tickles." I replied, "I don't have time for tickles, I'm doing diapers." So she looks at me and says, "Not diapers Daddy. Just one diaper." I was amazed.

I took Bethany and Joel out individually over the holidays. They each wanted to go to the new War Museum. It's really well done, and now I know the layout like the back of my hand!


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