Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

It's just past noon on Christmas Day, and things have been going smoothly. The kids were up a bit early, but not as early as they could have been up (although I rocked Hannah back to sleep at 3:00am and Joel stuck his head out the door and asked what time it was).

The children were patient as we waited for Karen's Mom to come. It was great being able to have her with us on Christmas morning

For those who are curious, I got Wayne Grudem's new text on theology, a book on preaching and Senator Hugh Segal's “The Long Road Back”.

Karen has been pulling out the stops on the food. A couple of days ago it was home made vegetable and shrimp spring rolls, eaten with chopsticks. Last night it was homemade turkey meatballs with dip, stuffed mushrooms, fiesta dip with nachos, and 4 types of vegetables. This morning we had raspberry cream muffins before the presents, and afterwards baked french toast, sausages, scrambled eggs, fruit salad and coffee with french vanilla crème. Karen works very hard to make our Christmas's memorable, from the food to the decorations, to the new table cloth. I really appreciate it!


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