Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It boggles the imagination

The Liberal Party is having a convention to pick a new leader. You may wonder who the keynote speaker will be. The Liberals are famous for wrapping themselves in the flag, and portraying themselves as the guardians of Canadian values. They've raised American bashing to a fine art. So what Canadian icon have they chosen to rally the troops, set the tone and kick off the convention? Howard "The Scream" Dean. Yes, the American Democratic Party member who tried to get his party's nomination for President and who imploded with one amazing scream into the microphone. The irony is amazing.

On a slightly different topic, the darling of the Canadian Left, former American President Bill Clinton, recently declared that the situation in Afghanistan is different than that in Iraq, and that Canadian troops are needed in Afghanistan to help them rebuild and to prevent the Taliban from returning. But for some reason the Left isn't quoting him too much. I wonder why?


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