Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Quick Update

Things have been really busy lately, so I just have a few minutes for a quick update:

I complained about a judge a couple of days ago. Turns out he's the same judge who threw out DUI charges against Margaret Kemper, calling it a Charter Rights issue. Outstanding. Absolutely outstanding.

I was in Kingston on the weekend, presenting an introduction to theological thinking at Union Street Gospel Chapel. Even though this is very technical material, there was a great response. There were tons of students in the audience, and a number asked me questions or asked me for some resource suggestions. It's a good sign when you see about 20 university students in the audience of any church.

Last night I was getting together the October issue of Learning at Home, the newsletter for homeschoolers in the Ottawa area. It takes me about 2 evenings a month. Unfortunately adjusting the size and layout of the advertising takes more time than adding the content and writing the Editorial. However I think the newsletter is appreciated.

An article I wrote on "Christian Worldview" was just published in Precious Seed magazine. Maybe when I get Learning at Home done for this month I will have time for some additional writing. I'd like to turn these sermons on theology into a book form.

For reading I am once again wading through Ryrie's "Dispensationalism". I also want to read "Progressive Dispensationalism" to get some other views. I've started John Stott's "Your Mind Matters" and just finished Boice's "Renewing Your Mind in a Mindless World" which expands on 4 sermons I heard by Boice on the same topic. The October "First Things" came in but this month I didn't see too much that interested me (too much Roman Catholicism this month. There is always a little I have to wade through to get to what I consider to be the nuggets, but there's only so much I can handle wading through). The latest Uplook magazine arrived, and had one of the hardest hitting articles I've ever seen on the inside page of the back cover. Hard hitting, but I think Jabe was right on the money. It's a must read. But don't just read it. Think about how you and your local church needs to change.

So... not too much time for reading blogs, let alone updating my own. But we're doing fine.


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