Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Grocery Store

A new grocery store opened in Kanata yesterday. I went today, and it was pretty much a zoo. This is Loblaws attempt to compete with Walmart and Costco. Yes, it does have groceries (although it is not much better as a grocery store than the grocery store it is replacing), but it also has sections selling housewares, appliances, linens, and electronics. There is also a photo lab, a portrait studio, a wine store, a fitness club, a medical clinic, etc. The one thing I didn't see was PC Financial. Anyway, it was a zoo despite the presence of a dozen security guards and a police car standing by.

One amusing moment. The guy who was in line before me came back to the cashier. "Yo dude. How come my total before taxes was $213 and my total after taxes was $290? That's a lot of taxes!" The cashier looked at it, called over a Manager, and the Manager then realized he had a problem he needed to manage. Evidently there is a little problem with their computer. I checked and I had no taxable items on my bill.


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