Thursday, September 28, 2006

Legal System vs Justice System

Today a 21 year old woman had charges against her dropped by a Judge. She was behind the wheel of a car that crashed, killing one of the passengers. She admitted to drinking that night, saying she had only drank one beer. The Crown had two failed breathalyzer tests against her but the Judge ruled them inadmissible because the police officers did not have sufficient grounds for administering the test. Insufficient grounds. A wrecked car, a dead passenger, admission of drinking, but according to our legal system insufficient grounds. Once again I state that we have a legal system, but we do not have a justice system.

A radio commentator was talking the other day with one of the City Councilors, about a murder on one of the city buses. The Councilor said that very soon plainclothes police officers would be riding some of the buses. The commentator asked what the point would be in arresting people because the courts would just turn them lose, and the Councilor wholeheartedly agreed. I wonder if the Judges in our legal system are aware that we the people have lost confidence in them? Do our politicians understand that we want criminals arrested and doing serious time in unpleasant jails?


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