Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stephen Harper at the UN

Stephen Harper addressed the United Nations today. Predictably the various opposition parties demonstrated their need to insult our intelligence by looking for a cheap sound bite. Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc, said Harper should have addressed trade, climate change and cultural diversity. Liberal MP Keith Martin said Harper should have addressed Darfur and AIDS, and indeed should have made a plea for intervention in Darfur. Ignoring the fact that intervention in Darfur would certainly involve our troops in another shooting war, we should remember the fact that Harper was given 15 minutes to speak. Yes, in addition to talking about our major foreign policy issue (Afghanistan) Harper should have addressed trade, climate change, cultural diversity, AIDS and Darfur in a meaningful way in the 15 minutes he was allowed. And then of course the very same complainers would be saying Harper showed no leadership, had too many agendas and dealt with problems in a superficial manner. Now it doesn't surprise me when politicians look for a cheap sound bite. My scorn is reserved for those who stick a microphone in the face of these people and then pretend that what they say is really newsworthy.


Blogger Scrubs & Shines said...

Can't see the forrest for the tree's Ahy?...Its amazing to me that those who own a computer and who answered CTV poll September 21, 2006 have placed their own fears of security well ahead of Aids and Poverty. Congratulations to mainstream media for setting our priorities in tune to the Conservative Governments agenda. You cant make money on sick people and the poor. But hey look at the bucks we can get by promoting fear. (god we have it too easy) I guess the poor will just have to wait while we spend more money on weapons to appease our paranoid fears. and the sick, well try a prayer...

What should be the UN General Assembly's top priority this week?

Peace and security
8906 votes
(72 %)

AIDS and other epidemics
687 votes
(6 %)

Poverty issues
1202 votes
(10 %)

Global warming
1562 votes
(13 %)

Total Votes: 12357

7:42 p.m.  
Blogger Shawn Abigail said...

I had rather thought that the MSM was biased against the Conservatives.

However the willingness of the average man on the streets to surrender civil rights in order to achieve "security" is somewhat frightening. If the maniacs of the world ever manage to set off a nuke, you will see a complete revocation of civil rights.

8:31 p.m.  

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