Monday, August 28, 2006

More on Worship

Rebecca had some kind comments on my last posting on worship, and I'd like to expand a bit with some additional thoughts. I had said “I take some pleasure when I receive a compliment, but if you really want to see me happy spend some time telling me about how fine a child my son is (or my daughters for that matter). So it is with the Triune God. We acknowledge the person and work of the Father, but if you really want to touch the Father's heart, tell Him what He already knows about His Son.”

Let's think about this further. There is nothing about my son that you can tell me that I don't already know. I know more about his character and virtues and worth than you will ever know. So your comments about my son don't need to be original in order to touch my heart. You only have to acknowledge what you have seen to be true.

In addition, your comments must be sincere. If you really don't know my son but say all sorts of flattering things about him, it won't do my heart any good. They are empty words unless they are based on your personal knowledge of him. There is one exception to this. When I give testimony about my son and you accept my testimony at face value, then it also touches my heart when you value what I have said about my son.

There are also some other matters I should mention. I would be very happy for you to spontaneously say a gracious word about my son as we pass in the hall, but it would touch my heart even more if you arranged for us to get together specifically so you could tell me how much you appreciate my son's character and deeds. Oh I know you might want to borrow some of my tools or get a hand putting up that shed, but if you could just put aside some time to tell me about my son without bringing up any other matters, it would mean so much to me.

So it is with the Father in Heaven. Worship is when we are amazed by God, when we are completely taken up by the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and when we express back to the Father what we know to be true about the Son through the leading of the Spirit. It can sometimes be emotionally satisfying, sometimes emotionally draining, and sometimes the emotions have little to do with it. Really, worship is not about having my heart touched; it's about touching God's heart when we acknowledge the perfections of the Son.


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Lovely. Thank you again.

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