Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just Curious

Stephen Harper visited George Bush and Bush kept referring to him as Steve. Clearly Bush is comfortable with Harper and sees this new government as representing a more mature relationship between our two countries. By mature I mean avoiding the Liberal's practice of American bashing because it sells well among the less educated, even if it does infuriate our largest trading partner.

Anyway, I'm surprised the MSM hasn't picked up on this and used this as a way to criticise Bush. They've reported just like it really is... a somewhat amusing story which doesn't detract from the real story which is improved relations with our neighbour.

Not one to miss an opportunity to sound shrill and mindlessly critical, Bill Graham (the Liberal's interm leader) had criticised Conservative plans to build some icebreakers and a deep water port in the Canadian arctic, in an effort to protect our sovereignty (from the Americans). But aren't these the same people who are criticising Harper for being too close to the Americans? Wait, I don't understand. It doesn't make sense. Oh wait, I do understand. Bill needs a quick sound bite for the MSM. He's hoping the voting public have forgotten Liberal corruption. But he's wrong.


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