Saturday, July 01, 2006

Trying to out-radical the radicals

Interesting article in the Globe and Mail:

On the other hand, my wife has assured me that she will not divorce me if I refuse an opportunity to go fight the infidels. But all bets are off if I keep snoring. 8-)

I guess I'm trying to square in my mind the Islamic radicalism we've seen here in Canada with the many Muslims I know who are very religious and who are very decent, friendly people. Perhaps it is just part of human nature... in any population there are those who have a tendency to be radical in their beliefs, and there are those with the same core beliefs who seek balance and moderation.

With respect to my own Christian beliefs, I try to be radical in my demands on myself, protective of my family, and tolerant of what I perceive to be the failings or weakness of others. I can't say I always succeed in this, but it is how I try to find a balance.


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