Friday, March 27, 2009

Criticism of Israel

You hear a lot of criticism of Israel in the press. The Israeli war against Hamas (which is recognized as a terrorist organization in Canada) is likened to another holocaust, but this one perpetrated by the Jews. Seems you can get away with the most outrageous statements if you start by saying, "Look what the Jews did...".

But here is an interesting article. The first part is interesting, about how an Israeli was arrested for failing to follow orders in dismantling a Jewish settlement. But the second part is more interesting. Knowing that some Israeli young people were throwing rocks at Arab owned cars, the Israeli police used an Arab owned car as part of an effort to arrest the Jewish rock throwers.

I'm under no illusions that the secular state of Israel is perfect, but let's not pretend that any of the Arab nations around Israel would take such steps to protect Jews.

On the same website, news that the Israeli "Iron Dome" anti-missile defense successfully shot down a "Grad" missile that was launched at Israel. But I thought there was peace? Nope.


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