Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scary Secrets

I've got to let you in on some secrets, and they are pretty scary. The political Left have an agenda. And they don't always talk about every aspect of their agenda, so it's a secret hidden agenda. They're not just acting randomly on every political issue (as much as it would look like it). Instead they have an ideology. Understand the scary implications; they are ideologically driven. Many of them have a far Left ideology. And they won't stop until they've pushed this whole country in the direction they want to go. Let's be perfectly clear that they are not just voting on specific issues, but it's all part of their overall plan on where they want to take the country!

Well the above paragraph sounds pretty silly, doesn't it? Of course the Left has an agenda, and of course they are ideologically driven. Most political movements are (except the most pragmatic political parties who will say anything to get elected). So why is it that Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party can raise these "charges" against the Conservative Party? Of course the Conservative Party of Canada is ideologically driven. The CPC has a core set of beliefs (a.k.a. an ideology) which determines the laws they set forth and the government they provide. It would be stunning if the CPC didn't have an ideology. But the political Left is aided by the media in making the "allegation" that Stephen Harper is scary because he is ideological driven. Of course he's ideologically driven; he's not a Liberal.


Blogger ROGER TRUCKER said...

I think it´s right to say that the lefts have a hidden political agenda, and that is, anything goes except the "old fashion" Christian values.
They pretend to repect everybody and their opinions, but they themselves are the most intolerant towards them that hold to these Christian values.


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