Monday, October 15, 2007

Daddy and Joel's Excellent Adventure

I was speaking in Kingston yesterday, and had the privilege of bringing Joel along with me. I was up at 5:30am (well, 4:45 because Hannah woke me and I never got back to sleep, but 5:30 was when I got out of bed), woke Joel at 6:00 and hit the road at 6:30. We stopped at the Tim Horton's on the 401 near Prescott. Though he'd already had breakfast already before we left, Joel still ate most of a breakfast sandwich. The young man has turned into a eating machine.

The sermons went well. I'm thankful that at the various places I preach, there never seems to be any resistance to theological ministry. But I was particularly happy to have people ask me about the points my sermons didn't cover (material that for one reason or another I left out). That showed that people were really paying attention and understanding the material.

We had a nice afternoon visiting with folks from Union Street Gospel Chapel, a great lunch and a nice nap. Joel watched more than his fair share of TV. One of the ladies invited me to help myself to some books she brought in. The books had belonged to her sister who passed away. She whispered to me, "My sister was in the Exclusives". Looking over the authors I said, "I can tell." I did help myself to a number of books by Bellett and Wolston.

We hit the Tim Hortons again on the way home, Joel fell asleep in the car, and we got home a little after 10:00pm. It was a busy and tiring day. Joel didn't do all the stuff Bethany did on her excellent adventure, but I was so happy to have him with me.


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