Sunday, July 15, 2007

Simple Pleasures

This morning we were getting ready to go to church. I stepped out on the porch, and ended up sitting down for a moment. There was a light breeze and the temperature was perfect. Just slightly on the cool side, but the sort of temperature one could enjoy for hours. If I was a poet I would describe the temperature and breeze as "delicious" but unfortunately I'm not a poet so I don't know how I would describe it. But it was nice.

This afternoon Hannah was feeling peevish and was crying a bit. I looked at her, and held her and told her that even when she was crying she was still beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the cuddly moments more than the crying moments, but you're missing out on something if you can't step back and just love your child when she's crying. Of course, she wasn't doing it at 3:00am...

On the way home from church tonight I saw the widest rainbow I've ever seen. I've seen some amazing rainbows over the years. Some that stretch for a complete bow, a double rainbow with one on top of the other and the colours inverted (yes I triple checked), but today's was the widest rainbow I've ever seen. A splash of colour to end a day of simple pleasures.


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