Sunday, June 03, 2007

University Courses We'd Like to See

Here's a list of university courses we'd like to see:

ECON 1001 - Capitalism as the Foundation of Economic Prosperity
Students will learn the basics of the capitalist economic system, and see how it provides a superior foundation for economic prosperity to all other economic systems. The dangers of political intervention will be explored, with a particular focus on the failure of the French economy to generate employment for its citizens.
Mandatory for First Year Economics Students. Recommended for all First Year Students.

POLY-SCI 1212 - Socialism as a Failed Political Experiment
An examination of the philosophy and reality of socialism. The detrimental effects of socialism in Europe will be explored, together with the addictive effects of social programs. Note: students will be required to read all 3 volumes of The Gulag Archipelago.
Mandatory for First Year Political Science Students.

POLY-SCI 2002 - Natural Law vs Constitutionalism
The limits of a constitutional system of government will be seen. Original readings from the American Founding Fathers will demonstrate that they understood their Constitution as only being practical for a people who possessed a consciousness towards God.

HIST 3400 - Canadian Liberty Under the British North America Act
Those born starting in the 1970's may think liberty is based on the signing of the 1982 Constitution. This course will demonstrate that liberty existed in Canada under the BNA Act. An examination of the 10 worst constitutional decisions since 1982 will be made.

SOC 2020 - Gender Differences and Why They Matter
Gender differences exist for biological, neurological and even sociological reasons. This course will consider the legitimate differences between genders. Political Science majors may do independent study on the abuses that have occurred because of political correctness. Women's Studies majors may make an independent study to help them understand their role in society given the significant differences between the genders.

SOC 2030 - How to Solve Demographic Problems
The Western world faces a major demographic disaster. After understanding the reasons for this problem, students will be encouraged to understand that the whole disaster can be solved by each couple having one additional child, regardless of whether the government financially compensates them for it.

MATH 3230 - Abuse of Statistics by the Media and the Left
Both the media and the political left will abuse statistics, and math students need to be aware of how the abuse will occur and how to respond. Use of the courts and blogs to establish the truth will be covered in a practical manner.

JOUR 3135 - Christianity for Journalists
Compared to the population as a whole, journalists are significantly less likely to attend a church or know someone who is "born again". To help journalists make less obvious mistakes when covering religious issues, this course is mandatory. At the end of the course students will have the opportunity to attend a Billy Graham Crusade.

POLY-SCI 2200 - Fear and Repression: A Century of Communist Thought
A holistic consideration of 100 years of communist thought. Original readings from those who were forced to live under communism. Che Guevara's failure to start a revolution in Bolivia will be examined in detail, from his start as a young revolutionary to his execution by American Rangers after being betrayed by the People.

POLY-SCI 2300 - The Just War
From a philosophical and religious viewpoint, this course will examine the concept of a Just War. Required reading includes the Diary of Anne Frank.
Note: Law students can take this course for credit as LAW 2300.

BIOL 3365 - Life in the First Nine Months
An in-depth look at the biology of life from the moment of conception. From the moment of conception when all genetic individuality is established to the moment of birth, the implications of life will be considered.

POLY-SCI 3445 - Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul 2: Freedom for Eastern Europe
The policies of Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul 2 led to the freedom of eastern Europe of the repression of communism. The courageous and visionary decisions that led to freedom will be considered in detail.

HIST 3135 - Rule Britannia: the Positive Legacy of British Colonialism
British colonies enjoyed free trade, stability and an influx of investment capital. The ongoing beneficial effects of British colonialism will be considered in comparison to the other colonial powers.


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