Monday, May 21, 2007

An eye for detail

Bethany notices everything. Like for example, someone tried to break into our van. "What's that Daddy?" I looked at where she was pointing, and noticed a small hole just beneath the plastic of the door handle. I don't know how long it's been like that. In fact, it could have been like that 3 years ago when I bought the van. Since the door works fine, I guess my only question is the best way to patch it up. I want to prevent moisture from getting in, but a crack 1 cm long and 2 mm wide is not worth going to the body shop. Any thoughts?


Blogger Rileysowner said...

Body work is not something I know a lot about, but I do know that holes are very bad. They let water into places where it shouldn't be, not to mention they often expose bare metal that will allow rust to start. I would suggest at least finding out how much it would cost to have it fixed, estimates are free except for your time :)

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