Monday, April 30, 2007

Quiet weekends are never quiet

Quiet weekends are never quiet. Or have you noticed? We didn't start with any plans, but ended up busy. We took the vacuum in for repair, got passport photos of the children, went to the library and went out for lunch. That was Saturday morning. I put together a shelving unit, and defrosted the freezer in the afternoon. Sunday I was in the church nursery with Hannah for quite a bit, and Sunday night was the AWANA awards ceremony. Bethany wasn't getting an award and didn't want to go. In the end, I think we've figured out why her interest in AWANA has decreased over the last month.

I got the latest First Things on Friday. Again, much wading through Roman Catholic introspection for the joy of finding a few nuggets. As I leaf through each issue I always say this is the last one I'll read, but then there's a thought or concept expressed so well and yet so simply that I sigh and smile and decide to continue for another month.

I finished listening to David Dunlap's messages from the Sudbury Easter Conference. Very theological and yet quite practical. He has a lot of good questions for our Calvinistic and Covenant friends. If you get a chance, download them from


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