Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I think it's broken

I decided to have a bath last night. A soak in the tub is relaxing, right? Not when you bang your little toe on the edge of the bathtub while getting in. It hurt last night and it still hurts this morning, so it's probably broken. When I told Karen she said, "you broke another toe?"

This one is right next to the toe I broke when I first started dating Karen. In fact, I broke that one while running for the phone because I knew she was calling. I ran past the kitchen table and "WACK!" on the leg of the table. Solid maple. They don't build tables like that anymore. Zero give. That broken toe was also responsible for helping to make our first hand-holding romantic walk so memorable. Yes, it would be memorable anyway with the moonlight along the Rideau Canal, all dressed up in our finery, having just come from a nice restaurant. We walked towards downtown, and on the way back I asked if I could hold her hand. And she said "Yes"! However, the fact that I was wearing dress shoes and my broken toe was aching tempered my enthusiasm, and now 13 years later I still remember the joy and the pain.


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