Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I used to say "miscellaneous" but I noticed my friend Ed says "varia". Ed is much better educated than me, and imitating this one expression of his is much easier than getting a PhD and learning four additional languages. So "varia" it is. 8-)

Boeing announced they will not be offering a wireless network on their 787 Dreamliner. There were potential licensing issues in many of the countries where the Dreamliner will fly. But just as significant is the fact that the wireless network was going to add 150 pounds more weight to each plane than the more traditional wired network. Airliners are BIG, but the engineers have very strict weight budgets, and 150 lbs extra in one place means 150 lbs less in another. The interior of the Dreamliner is REALLY neat. Surf over to the Boeing website and have a look at the future of aviation. First flight is in August of this year. Still, it would have been nice if they built the Sonic Cruiser they had planned.

I placed an order with Christian Book Distributors last night. The total came out to more than I had expected, so I looked into it. It turns out their shipping fees to Canada went up some time ago. Instead of the 8-12% they were a few years ago, shipping to Canada is now 25%. So, does anyone know of a book distributor in Canada with fairly technical Christian books? I've ordered enough books from CBD over the years to buy a small car, but I just can't stomach 25% shipping fees anymore.

I worked from home this afternoon, while Hannah slept and Karen went out. Today's VPN technology is pretty seamless. I connect my laptop to the Internet, click a few buttons, and I have an encrypted line into the network at work over the Internet. I was able to do some programming, pick up my email, and go to some sites on our internal network. The neat thing is that it's no longer just big corporations that can do this. There are even freeware programs like Hamachi.


Anonymous Jim Vellenga said...

I don't know if you have ever tried them, but Sola Scriptural International has a decent list of publishers they distribute. You could even go and pick up orders in Guelph if you wanted to. Their online ordering isn't very well set up, but check them out.

9:05 a.m.  
Blogger Shawn Abigail said...

Thanks for the suggestion Jim, but this distributor seems very focused on Reformed books. While I might read some books from a Reformed perspective, I'm also looking for books from a wider perspective. For example, the other night I ordered the 2 volume Word Biblical Commentary on Isaiah, and the 2 volume New International Commentary on the Old Testament, also on Isaiah.

5:55 p.m.  
Blogger Jaby said...

I live in the U.S. but I find that Amazon almost always beats CBD's prices.

I'm sure you've already checked into Amazon.

11:42 a.m.  
Blogger Shawn Abigail said...

I have ordered books from both Amazon and Chapters in the past. I wasn't too impressed by Amazon. I ordered a book that their website said was in stock. They canceled the order because the book was out of stock. When I asked about this they reinstated the order and directed it to another warehouse. Anyway, it got canceled and reinstated 3 times. Finally I ended up ordering it from CBD. Months later the Amazon website still listed this book as available.

9:08 p.m.  

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