Monday, November 06, 2006


Yesterday was a challenge. Karen and Bethany were not feeling well, so we left church after the first meeting. Hannah fell asleep on the couch, and as a result didn't have her regular nap and melted down at supper (she ended up sitting on the floor under the table with Bethany under the table feeding her apple slices). I was wrestling with all three children on the bed, pushed Bethany down with my leg and caused her and Joel to have their heads collide (with a sickening "pop" sound). Bethany was OK, but Joel was a bit shook up (and he was OK by supper). So it was a challenge.

I figured out my issue with OpenOffice Draw. When you group a number of lines together, you can change the colours of the lines but they do not form a polygon. To create a polygon you must use the specific tool designed for this purpose (and when you do the fill works fine).

Karen did a lot of cleaning in the basement today, and I patched some holes in the wall. Hopefully I can do a bit of painting tonight.

We got out on a date on Friday night. We went to Barolo Italian Buffet for supper, and then to the Zavida Coffee House for a quiet coffee. It is rare (and precious) for us to be able to get that much time to talk. At times like these it is nice to be able to draw away from the day-to-day issues (how are we going to get Hannah to eat something other than pasta), and to share some hopes and dreams.

I took Friday and Monday (today) off work to spend a little extra time with my family (and to get the November issue of the newsletter for the local homeschool association together). I also had some time to work on the 5th sermon in my series on basic theology, dealing with principles of Biblical Interpretation.


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