Friday, August 04, 2006

Thoughts on Worship

I attend a church where our weekly communion service involves a one hour meditation on the person and work of Christ. There is some music, some prayers, some readings, and some brothers voice their thoughts. It is a very contemplative form of worship, and I think honors the request of the Lord Jesus to remember him.

Music can be part of our worship, but music by itself is not worship and music can distract from true worship. Worship is when we are amazed by God, when we are completely taken up by the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and when we express back to the Father what we know to be true about the Son through the leading of the Spirit.

It can sometimes be emotionally satisfying, sometimes emotionally draining, and sometimes the emotions have little to do with it. Really, worship is not about having my heart touched; it's about touching God's heart when we acknowledge the perfections of the Son.


Anonymous JenIG said...

I was doing some research on dispensationalism this morning and lo and behold I find this website:
And it dawned on me that the author of this article has the same name of someone who just left a comment on my bloh pg (a very profound one at that)

small world, eh?

7:19 a.m.  
Blogger Shawn Abigail said...

Hi Jen,

If you have any questions on dispensationalism, let me know. There are some radical anti-dispensationalist thoughts running around in some Reformed circles (e.g. dispensationalists aren't saved) and some of the material dispensationalists produce can be fanciful. I'm a Christian, a dispensationalist, and I think somewhat well grounded theologically. And I am not in any way fanciful!

7:25 a.m.  
Anonymous Steve said...

when i talk to people and teach sunday school, i describe a much broader form of worship, much in the way that louie giglio does: worship is whatever you value the most, and we don't get to say so much what we worship, rather than we show what we worship with our lives and our thoughts.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior from hell, as a sort of fire insurance, roughly thirty years ago. But it was only fifteen years ago or thereabouts, that I found that most of my non-working time, was consumed with different projects I was working on, or on games on the internet, or on sports and sports statistics. At that time, I realized that whatever or whoever (some single people are consumed with boyfriends and girlfriends) preoccupies the bulk of my thoughts, is what (or who) I worship. But to none of them can I honest and truthfully say "you alone are worthy of my worship." God created us with a need to worship, and He alone has the worth-ship that is worthy of worship.

blessings to you.

5:20 p.m.  

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