Friday, August 04, 2006


I've been on vacation this week. Nothing too special... just some down time. I've been working pretty hard on a couple of sermons for Sunday (two messages on the theology of the Bible), so today we took the children to the Hershey's Chocolate Factory in Smiths Falls. The tour isn't all that long, and it looks like they were on a break while we were visiting, but the chocolate store is ALWAYS GREAT. We only bought $20 worth of chocolate this time, unlike our previous $70 expedition. Just the smell in the air is wonderful.

I ordered a shirt from Sears, and it came in. I have a hard time finding shirts. If the neck is large enough, the sleeves come down to my finger tips. And most stores have a limited selection of short sleeve shirts. But I was able to find a short sleeve shirt online, and hopefully it will fit OK.

Corn on the cob for supper tonight, but I'm not sure what else. I offered to make supper tonight, so we'll see what I can do on the BBQ. The stove is acting up, so there is no point in trying to bake anything until we can get it fixed (which will probably be another $200). 8-(


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