Friday, April 13, 2007

The Lastest Regional Political Party

Well, well, well. Stephane Dion has declared that the Liberals will not be running a candidate against Elizabeth May in the next election. Elizabeth May is running in the same riding as Peter MacKay, our Foreign Minister and a close ally of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Let's think about this. What do you call a political party that doesn't run a full slate of candidates? The Reform Party got called this for years. The Bloc still does get called this. Can you say it with me? "R e g i o n a l P a r t y ."

Of course Dion will spin this as an expression of his deep commitment to the environment. But does anyone really believe this? If Peter MacKay was not a senior member of the Harper government this would not be happening. This is just a cheap, opportunistic attempt to embarrass the Harper government, and everyone knows it. You can call Dion the Leader of the Liberal Party, but that still doesn't make him a leader.


Blogger John said...

Dion is not doing this to embarrass Harper now. This is a strategic move, not a tactical one. The question you should really be asking is how will Dion use this against Harper in the next general election?

6:12 p.m.  

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