Monday, April 09, 2007

Amazing Grace

I went to see the "Amazing Grace" movie today. In a word, amazing. Powerful, well presented, emotionally satisfying and never dull. Frankly, not too much of what you'll see in the movie theaters these days is worth the admission price, but Amazing Grace really stands out. The true story of William Wilberforce is a reminder that one man can make a difference for good. His struggle was long, with many setbacks and discouragements, but in the end he won and won gloriously.

I attended the 2:05 matinee on Easter Monday. As a day off school, there were lots of people at the theatre. Unfortunately at over 40 years of age I seemed to be the youngest person there. Lots of parents taking their children to see the latest banal trivialities from Hollywood, but not too much interest in a real hero.

The AMC Theatre was disappointing. Popcorn everywhere. Sticky floors. And trailers that would definitely not appeal to the crowd watching Amazing Grace. If you subscribe to Peter Lynch's ideas on investing (invest based on what you see with your own eyes) then visit an AMC Theatre before you decide to invest in their stock. You're mileage may vary.



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