Friday, May 26, 2006

Attention Mr Gates

I just got a new computer for the school room, and this has led me to develop two wishes from Microsoft:

1) a way to easily set up a new computer. I needed to create all the accounts, move over all the documents, install all the software, transfer the email, addresses and connection information, transfer all bookmarks and cookies, etc. Why isn't there an easier way to set up a new computer?

2) I've got two computers connected to a network, although file sharing is problematic. But even with file sharing, I have two sets of favourites, two email address books, etc. Of course this means I have corrected email addresses in one address book, and old email addressed in the other address book. Rather than just sharing files, could it be possible to have file replication for certain specific applications? And could the replication be via a secure connection, potentially over the Internet?


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