Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

I know people are losing jobs. Some industries are really suffering. And real people are suffering. But as far as I can see, the overall Canadian economy is in reasonable shape. A couple of months ago it was thought that the Bank of Canada would be raising interest rates to deal with increasing inflation. Since then we've had a crisis in banking and a lot of pain in the stock market. However our overall economy does seem strong. Over the course of this weekend, I've seen 4 ads for businesses looking for help. This includes the local supermarket, a fast food place and a couple of stores in the mall. Now I know these jobs are not the same as a well paying job in the manufacturing sector. But service sector jobs dry up when people are not spending. Since service sector businesses are looking for staff, it is reasonable to assume that there is some strength in this economy.

One more thing to be said for these jobs; they are real jobs. These are jobs being provided by businesses that need staff. They are not artificial government created jobs that require constant support from the tax payers. Jack Layton can put on his angry face and demand that the government create something out of nothing, borne on the backs of the tax payers, but these are real jobs being generated by the economy.


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