Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You know what they'll say

I don't claim to be a prophet, but sometimes you just know what is going to happen. So mark my words, and when it happens you'll know it was so predictable that even I could foresee it. Iran has been frantically working on nuclear weapons for a couple of years. As they've got closer and closer the Americans have tried to push the rest of the world into doing something to stop them. And what will Iran say when they finally reveal that their whole nuclear program has nothing to do with reactor fuel and everything to do with becoming a nuclear power? The Devil made me do it. Or more specifically, the Great Satan made me do it. They will say they needed nuclear weapons to protect themselves against American aggression, even though that aggression has been targeted on preventing them from getting nuclear weapons, and even though the Americans have been amazingly willing to turn a blind eye to the way Iran is funding loony tunes all over the world.

And one last point. What happens when you renounce terrorism, confess you were working on weapons of mass destruction, and destroy your WMD plants in a verifiable way? Do you need to fear the Americans? Just ask the Libyans. The only thing they need to fear from the Americans is that their business men will trip all over themselves trying to get to Libya and open some trade ties.


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